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Friday, June 12

The Studio

Heather Bailey's studio.

Well, this week I have been religiously cleaning up my studio as part of of my action plan. As I always do, I swear to myself that it will never get into that state again... but it always does! Like many others, I just can't do one project at a time, I need at least 3 to start with. Go figure.

I wonder if Heather Bailey's studio is always picture perfect? Is that some 'junk' I see stuffed underneath the chair? ;)

So, I thought I'd start a topic on ways to get a bit more in control of our 'creative clutter'. And in the future I'd like to do a bigger post with all our suggestions put together.

What is your motivation and inspiration to stay clean/organised? Any tips for us? Please leave a comment!



helena said...

OOhhh gorgeous studio...i wonder how she makes everything look so sweet and neat and they don't look like they collect any dust either!

I always try to de-clutter and organise my work area every now and then. I usually know its time to clean things up when i can't find my mouse and keyboard under all the pile of papers!

Once everything is tidy, i feel a sense of accomplishment! hehe!


Osier! said...

i think i would rather put my effort into making beautiful things than making my studio look cool. plus i'd be afraid to get messy creative if i was in that studio!

Cocoa Pod said...

Very good points :)

I think it is impossible to be perfectly clean. It's not how the right (creative) part of the brain works! So, maybe that is why we always have that struggle. :)

Generally my studio gets so out of control it literally takes an intense week to clean it up. Hehe

Some small changes I will be making to make things not so messy:

1. Buy a new beading matt, so my beads do not roll off the desk.
2. Stall my main findings in an easily accessible container ad in a reachable area.
3. Install a magnetic knife strip for my small tools.
5. Clear out all supplies I cant see myself ever using.