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MADE ON THE LEFT was founded in 2008 by independent designers to support Western Australian creative talent. We hold bi-annual handmade craft markets to showcase local designers.

Being on the left hand side of Australia no longer

means you'll be at a disadvantage.

Our aim is to support all creative designers and events showcasing independent labels. MOTL is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organisation. You may wonder why we promote other markets besides MOTL; it’s because it’s not about us, its about you; the buyers and sellers of indie wares. Here at the blog, you’ll discover up to date information about our latest market, the low-down on some of Perth’s emerging talents, other opportunities for artists and designers and a little bit of fun stuff too. It’s all right here… welcome!

Thursday, October 30

Perth Foreshore Christmas Market - Bell Tower

Yep - another market just in time for Christmas!

This market is a general market, limited to 90 stallholders only.

When : December 14th
Where : Perth Foreshore (Belltower)
Time : 9am - 4pm

This market will be an art, craft, food & related market.

Interested in being a stallholder? Contact hillarysmarket@yahoo.com.au for an application form. All forms & full payment for stalls are due by November the 5th.

P.S. This is the same day as Perth Upmarket, so it will be a great day to venture out and check out all the markets in Perth just in time for christmas!! In total, between both markets which will only be a short walk away from another there will be over 150 vendors! WOW

PLEASE NOTE: This Market has been cancelled. Word is that the organisers left it too late to advertise & organise. Unfortunately they haven't responded to our e-mails, nor contacted most of the vendors who were going to be involved to personally disclose any information, which is unfortunate. The event is being reorganized for February 2009.

Windows On William

Here are some more photos of our window display -

Thanks to all the participating designers!!

The window will be up for another month, so be sure to pop on by fi & co on William St, Northbridge.

New Perth Markets - Good or a Bad thing?

E-mails have been flying around lately of new markets coming up & there have been murmurs of more markets on the way in various places around Perth. It is great news to see that so many people want to support local talent - but at the same time there are those of us who are concerned that Perth will be oversaturated with them. I mean there are only so many vendors who are ready to sell their goods to the public, and only so many ways that you can do so.

The difference between Made On The Left and every 'other' market is that we want to keep our markets full of fresh new talent by showcasing work from all levels of designers as well as travelling around Western Australia. Next year we hope to take our markets out of Perth into regional areas, so be prepared to be blown away by the talent hiding away in our state.

Don't forget our upcoming market is just over 2 weeks away!! Make sure that you put November 15th into your diary and pop on down to the Hyde Park Hotel on Bulwer St, North Perth between 10am and 4pm.

Wednesday, October 29

WOW what a show

Made on the Left's contribution to Windows on William can be seen at Fi & Co, William Street (near Aberdeen Street) Northbridge until 23 November 2008.

Visit William Street for this and other exciting window displays by Western Australian artists, at the funky end of town. Collect the limited edition postcards at each participating location.

For more information, visit On William's website

Sci Fi Comes To Northbridge

We love supporting upcoming talent, so when we heard about the debut solo exhibition of Martin Wills, we just had to tell you all about it!

Territory Twelve is the first exhibition of emerging twenty-six year old artist Martin Wills. The exhibition, a brooding and apocalyptic mash-up of futuristic dystopia, science fiction disaster and comic book kitsch, runs from opening night on November 12 until November 18 at Gingers Garage, 267 William St, Northbridge.
Territory Twelve slices Ridley Scott's Blade Runner with Marvel Comics and Fritz Lang's Metropolis to create oppressive, colourful sci-fi vistas. Tripod invasions, zombie plagues, and city-crushing robots - they're all featured in work ranging from scrap-paper sketches to epic landscapes and portraits that take on a super-human scale.
Martin has been active in the local arts scene for years, but when his band 'Civilised' imploded after three years of performing and recording, he crossed over to the visual arts as his main creative output. Freelancing as a designer for local bands and record labels, his parents divorce provided the trigger for his themes to coalesce. The gloomy and oppressive world of Territory Twelve was originally conceived as a short novel, but after six chapters he quickly switched back to visuals. The writing, he will quickly admit, was probably the worst kind of tripe, but luckily the cinematic sheen he couldn't conjure with a keyboard came more naturally with a brush.
Territory Twelve is just one of a string of new exhibitions in the newly established Gingers Garage, a gallery space which has added to the resurgence of independent stores and galleries along William Street in Northbridge. The exhibition kicks off with opening night on Wednesday November 12 and runs until Tuesday November 18. For more information please visit www.territorytwelve.com.

RSPCA Open Day, Fete & Market

From the website -

November 9 is gonna shine!
20 October 2008
It’s going to be big, bigger than any event ever staged at the RSPCA and it’s going to be fun, more fun than anyone’s ever had in Malaga!
The ‘All Things Bright & Beautiful Fete’ at the RSPCA’s WA headquarters is the first time the team has staged an event at our Malaga HQ and we hope it will raise much-needed finances for the animals under our care as well as raising awareness about animal welfare throughout the State.
Packed with fun things for everyone to enjoy, including a bouncy castles, mechanical surfboard, lucky dips, a fashion parade (including a cat walk with Brent Staker, Candice Falzon and more!), more than 20 stalls and all the animal-oriented activities you’d expect from the RSPCA.
We've also laid on (pardon the pun) a very special interactive box with an educational twist aimed at educating kids all about the chicken and the egg!
We will also be providing every visitor with information on a range of animal welfare-related issues with experts on hand to answer all your questions.
This is the inaugural RSPCA Fete which – if you come along – will become an annual day out for you and all your family, so mark Sunday 9th November 2008 in your diary as All Things Bright & Beautiful Day!

Where: RSPCA 108 Malaga Drive, Malaga (corner of the Reid Highway)
When: Sunday November 9 2008, starting at 9.30am till 3.30pm
What’s on: Market and Fete Stalls, Kids’ Activities, Animal Demonstrations and Displays, Fashion Show, Kids’ Rides, Pony Rides, Lots of fantastic prizes to be won and much, much more...

How much: Children under 16 $3, Adults $5, Family $12
NO PETS! Please note you cannot bring your pet to the Fete. We apologise for any inconvenience but we cannot risk any contamination. Many thanks for your understanding.
For more information visit http://www.rspcawa.asn.au

Tuesday, October 28

A Voice in our favour

Thanks to Perth Voice for the shout out about Made on the Left in this week's edition:If you spot press activity about Made on the Left in your local paper or hear us mentioned in other media, please let us know!

The article mentions the Charity Link Christmas Appeal, for which we plan to raise funds via a raffle at our November 15 market, with the grand prize a hamper of designer goodies from our very talented Made on the Left participants. All proceeds from the raffle will go to Charity Link, a collaborative charity organisation that helps out over 100 charities assisting West Australians in crisis or financial hardship.

If you would like to find out more about Charity Link and how you can help, visit http://www.charitylink.org.au

Designers who would like to donate a prize, please let us know!

Thursday, October 23

Market Update

The Guardian newspaper has published the following article about a proposed new summer market for Leederville being put before council this week, which will run weekly if approved:

This would join other markets such as Hillarys Market www.hillarysmarket.com to provide a regular sales venue for artisans who have this as part of their business plan.
This Sunday October 26 is shaping up to be a busy one for special annual market events. Just some of those we have on our radar are:
Distracted Market Day Aranmore College Hall, corner Franklin & Oxford Streets Leederville 10am-5pm
Subicao Craft Fair The Oak Lawn, University of WA 9am -4pm http://www.subiacocraftfair.org.au/
WA Fest The Espanade, Perth http://www.wafest.com
Fingers crossed for good weather for the events that are being held outdoors!

Monday, October 20

Stressed out of your skull? Tips for crafty types 101

Illustrated with skullies made by The Tiny Little Girl

For many independent designers, artists and crafters, we are hitting a frantic time of the year. Not only is it ‘market season’ with its demands of stock production and good looking displays, but it’s also the busiest few months for many people sales-wise in the lead up to Christmas...if only you can find the time to update your websites and online stores! On top of this come all the other demands – ‘real’ jobs, families, relationships, networking, ‘downtime’ (what was that again?) and so on.

Here are some strategies adapted from an article by Kate James on the Australian micro business website http://www.flyingsolo.com.au to help you manage stress and stay creative during this busy season.

1. Know your prioritiesWhat is most important to you? Make sure you plan time for activities that you find pleasurable and for the things that really matter, whether it’s spending time on ‘non-commercial’ creativity, chilling out with a magazine, or spending time with your family or friends. Sometimes you will have to make time for yourself by clearing out other obligations (refer to point 6!).

2. Choose your attitude
Have a positive outlook and believe that things will work out for the best. Close your eyes and visualise yourself being incredibly prepared for your markets. Picture:
· You being prepared with all your stock ready ahead of time, so you are relaxed and chilled out on market day
· Your stall looking fantastically professional and your goods display effectively on it
· Crowds of customers coming up and giving you positive feedback on your designs – and buying them
· You putting money into your apron/pocket/moneybelt or whatever you use on the day.

If you care to, you can use affirmations. Write down the words you want to use in the present tense, and look into a mirror while you say them ‘with feeling’. Feel free to lock yourself in the bathroom and turn music up if you feel a bit stupid at first. An example of an affirmation is “I feel very satisfied making $800 or more at the Made on the Left Market. I’m excited about how much people appreciate my work”. This might sound very ‘new age’, but there is a great deal of evidence that this works by stimulating your subconscious to make your affirmations reality!

3. Make time to relax and exercise
It’s important to pay attention to physical as well as mental relaxation; especially if you spend hours hunched over a piece of jewellery, sewing or similar! Go for a walk or a run, or even try yoga or stretching. It’s also a great time of the year to start getting up early and making the most of our fantastic beaches or swimming at a local pool before the working day begins. Exercising will give you more energy, as well as releasing endorphins that help counter stress. And of course, try to balance any chocolate fuelled creation with lots of healthy food and plenty of water, especially as it gets warmer.

4. Breathe
Well yes, we know breathing is an autonomic response and you can't really choose NOT to do it, but did you realise that taking a few deep breaths is one of the most effective ways to reduce and manage stress? Try to take deep breaths not into your chest but right down into your belly, slowing down your breathing with each breath. If you have time for nothing else, just five minutes of slow breathing each day could have a significant impact on reducing your stress.

5. Talk over problems with friends
You know the old saying ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’...reaching out to others helps you gain perspective, which will definitely help to relieve and manage your stress. Problem solving with people in a similar situation to you (such as fellow Made on the Lefters) can also help you find new solutions to issues you thought were insurmountable. It’s also important to remember how to let go of ‘issues’ once it’s time – dwelling over people or things that have hurt you or made you angry does you a lot more harm than it does to anyone else, and takes up a lot of that precious energy!

6. Know your boundaries
Learn to say ‘no.’ Be clear about your boundaries and learn how to turn down requests politely but firmly when people ask things of you that you don’t have time or energy to fit in. Sometimes we say ‘yes’ to things that we don’t want to do because we are avoiding conflict or because we like the person who asked and don’t want to let them down. The result of this is often a feeling of resentment plus increased stress through having even more on your plate. People usually understand that you have good reasons for saying ‘no’ and will appreciate all the other things you say ‘yes’ to!

7. Laugh!
Laughter is one of the best ways you can reduce and manage your stress. Catch up with a funny friend, watch your favourite TV comedy or panel show, or check out some funny movies on YouTube – whatever rings your bell. Remind yourself to lighten up and not take life so seriously.

It’s widely accepted that high levels of stress inhibit creativity and reduce your effectiveness. By putting some or all of these techniques in place during the busiest time of the year for many independent artists and designers, we hope you’ll be stay at your creative peak.

If you have any stress-busting hints to share, we’d love to hear your comments.

Tuesday, October 7


Are you on facebook? Want to help put out word about the market? Come and join our event!

Candy Cult

Candy Cult - A group character art exhibition.
Drawn from a diverse range of media including graphic design, game art, animation, graffiti, comics, and illustration, this bright and deranged group of homicidal bunnies, homeless robots, gothic orphans, zombie schoolgirls, candy monsters and bearded mutants will descend on the Breadbox Gallery for two weeks of hyper-contrasted explosive cartoon mayhem.

Opening night + Character Art Fair:
Saturday the 18th of October from 6pm.

Where? The Breadbox Gallery, 233 James St, Northbridge.

Gallery opening hours:
12 and 5pm, Wednesday to Friday
2 to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday
Candy Cult will run from the 19th of October through to the 2nd of November.

Yok, Sean Morris, Jodee Knowles, Creepy, Ali J, Suspecto, Deathbot, Luke Milton, Jessica McLeod, Edward J Grug III, Peter Long, Isobel Knowles, Paul Robertson, Yui Matsubara (Japan), Lisa Max (Germany), Marco Recuero (Spain), Kimiaki Yaegashi (Japan), Stick A Thing (Germany), Ciah Ciah (Poland), ZoƩ Byland (Switzerland), Hylton Warburton (South Africa), Talita Hoffman (Brazil), Studio Aiko (Thailand), Maximillian Goldin (South Africa), Mr Roboto (Colombia), Dale Murray (UK), Format Brain (Argentina), Mutsuko Okayama-Everitt, John Patterson, Stefanie Bop, Tim Waters, Teresa Watts, Emma Lurie, Karen de San Miguel & Michael Lombardi.
More info:
Facebook event page

P.S - this event features FOUR of our participants - Ali J, Lisa Max, Sean Morris and Jessica McLeod so be sure to pop on by and show your support!

Pssst.... it is coming...........

Keep your eyes peeled, these posters will soon be popping up all over the place advertising our next event.

The countdown is on.

There is now only six weeks to go until the November Made On The Left Market! We are so excited, we can't wait to see you there! Please start telling everyone you know - with over 60 stallholders of handmade items from local designer talent - they wouldn't want to be left out!

Windows On William

Made On The Left is very excited to announce they will be participating in the upcoming "Windows On William" event as part of the Artrage Festival and The Northbridge Festival.

What does that mean?

Well from the 29th of October until the 23rd of November we will be taking over the windows of Fi & Co and creating a window display. It will be anything but average with our poster girls being brought to life with a story to tell and be surrounded by an amazing array of western australian designer products.

We will be inviting past/current participants of the Made On The Left community to join us. We have the concept but we need your wares to show to everyone!

Keep an eye on your e-mail inbox as invitations to participate are going out shortly.

More news and an invitation to the opening night will be coming soon!

Wednesday, October 1

From handmade to wholesale

The Living Creatively website has a new article on how to take the step from selling directly to customers, to wholesaling to a retail outlet. There is particular reference to Etsy sellers that makes the advice in this article an interesting read: