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MADE ON THE LEFT was founded in 2008 by independent designers to support Western Australian creative talent. We hold bi-annual handmade craft markets to showcase local designers.

Being on the left hand side of Australia no longer

means you'll be at a disadvantage.

Our aim is to support all creative designers and events showcasing independent labels. MOTL is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organisation. You may wonder why we promote other markets besides MOTL; it’s because it’s not about us, its about you; the buyers and sellers of indie wares. Here at the blog, you’ll discover up to date information about our latest market, the low-down on some of Perth’s emerging talents, other opportunities for artists and designers and a little bit of fun stuff too. It’s all right here… welcome!

Tuesday, June 30

Fashion Trends Winter 2009 - Purple

According to this site all shades of purple currently feature as a trend in fashion this winter. Other trends you may have noticed include ruffles and bows, lace, tartan and military styles. Whether you follow the whats current or not our Western Australian hand made market is full of fabulous accessories that tie in wonderfully and below are just some examples. All of these sellers will be in attendance at the upcoming Made On The Left Market.


1. Spring Swallow by Cocoapod
2. Christopher Ring by Osier
3. Bird's Nest Pendant by Starrydesigns
4. Heather by YJDesign
5. Autumnal Crocheted Socks by Yuniko
6. Mohair Spiral Scarf Purple by Plumfish
7. Floral Lampwork Slider Necklace by GlassCandy
8.Presumptuous Showstopping Pearl Bracelet by PrincessLotta
9. Lilac and Tangerine Hand Embroidered Brooch by Polyclarific

Monday, June 29

Hi There

Myself and my eldest daughter

Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm your guest blogger for the next couple of weeks. If I am to describe myself in a few words I would say I am an eclectic, stay at home Mum of two, artsy, creative, a perfectionist and a Christian who is a Pastor's wife. I love all things related to Africa, the 1950s and creativity. I probably lean more towards the 'art' side of the line than the 'craft' side.

Circus Collection Beads

I have been making and selling my polymer clay creations since December 2006, but consider myself more of a painter and illustrative designer. I have a special fondness for symmetry, pattern and design which I think is reflected in my work.

Polymer clay is, as the name implies, a pliable, polymer compound which is soft like plasticine when purchased but is baked hard after sculpting. It is light weight, non toxic and comes in nearly every colour in the spectrum.

In my on-line shop called Polyclarific I sell everything from jewellery to home-wares and beads. I hand make around 90% of the beads I use in my work and all of the pendants from scratch. The majority of my work is unique and unreapeatable.

Millefiori Style Pendant

Mica Shift Pendant

Before I had my daughters I did a degree in painting at Edith Cowan University but I found it difficult to continue to paint while my first daughter was so small so took up using polymer clay. Now that my second daughter is heading out of her first year and into her second, the painting urge is returning so I have been dabbling with the acrylics a bit more of late (below is my latest painting). I am planning on opening up a second online store on Etsy this year which will focus on selling prints of my illustrations and paintings.

I am looking forward to sharing a few things with you on here over the coming couple of weeks and hopefully you will enjoy reading them.

I also have a blog: http://blogs.oddsocks.net/ahunt/

and a flickr account;

Bayswater Christmas Market - Stallholder Callout

Bayswater Primary School Christmas Market
Stall Holders Form

Thursday 3rd December 2009
5pm – 8pm
Murray St, Bayswater.

Stall holders are asked to bring their own table, chairs etc for this event. You will need to report to the front of the School Administration to be shown to your allocated area from 3.45pm. Please have your stall completely set up by 4.45pm.

Simply fill out the form below and return to the below address complete with a cheque made out to the Bayswater Primary School P & C, before the 10th November 2009.

Simone Thomas
c/- Bayswater Primary School
Murray St
Bayswater 6053
Western Australia

If you have any queries, please contact Simone Thomas on 6278 2331.

We look forward to seeing you there!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Christmas Night Markets at Bayswater Primary School

Name of Stall holder _________________________________

Type of Stall ________________________________________

Contact Number_____________________________________

Special Requirements?________________________________

I have enclosed a cheque for the amount of $30

Signed _____________________________________________

Sunday, June 28

Ta Ta for Now!

Hey, Its Lauren, your guest blogger signing off at the end of her two weeks, tomorrow you'll have a brand new person to entertain you. I'll miss you all, you were great company :) do come and visit me at my own little blog. And as a goodbye present I'm posting my five-minute vintage fabric ring tutorial. Its really easy, give it a go! Click on the image to get a big version.

Reading and Drawing, Drawing and Reading

Hi, Dara here. I thought I'd do a post about some things that are refascinating me at the moment. Comics and zines.

I say re because they have always been a part of my life. It started with part one of a Phantom two part double comic from a Royal Show show bag and continued for years. Does anyone else out there remember when the comic shop used to be on Williams St Northbridge, where the deli is now?
Yes, I eventually found the second part of the Phantom double. I think it was the last one I bought, which was nicely symbolic. The only comics that remain in my possession now are The Batman Adventures series one and two. But the artwork is just so, so good and the storylines short and clever I just can't part with them.

So lately I've bought some zines via Etsy and I've been getting very curious about the local scene. Not only because I might be thinking of producing something… (no one is allowed to hold me to this or ask when it's going to happen…it's on the list…ok), but Jessica McLeod of Robot & Monster Industries sent in her application for the next MOTL. She and her husband sold at the first market almost a year ago now! This time I am definitely buying some comics.

So onto some other creative's of Perth…

Steven Finch is the managing editor of an upcoming creative arts journal called 'dotdotdash'. Here's how he described what he and a few friends have decided to sell at the next MOTL:

Hand-made magazines or ‘zines’. As I am part of a collective, there will be a wide selection of zines from a variety of local artists, writers, and designers. These are all imagined, written, drawn, compiled, and designed individually. We will also sell art prints.

And here's Yesterdaysclothes, an Etsy seller in Perth I found via the Shop Local. I just love the name and it makes me smile with memories…

Straight out of Perth (Western Australia) comes a grab-bag of short stories, illustrations, a comic strip, a collage, some reviews, a few articles, collected true stories, instructions to make origami shot glasses and a nifty little recipe for cupcakes... all devoted to the theme of parties.

Something to flick through while you're on the bus, falling asleep with the lights on, or bored senseless at someone else's party!

So I hope you enjoy having a look at some locally produced products that can help wile away these wintery days.

Thursday, June 25

Want to star as our Guest Blogger?

We've had this blog for a bit, and as much as we love to update it all the time with new events, information and loves, we want more.

So we've decided to hand over part of this blog to our readers, by inviting guest bloggers to take part every two weeks. We are really enjoying all the guest bloggers we've had so far, they totally rock our socks off!

We are enjoying finding out more about those involved in the perth creative scene, and are loving to learn new things. This is where you come in. We'd love for you to be a guest blogger!

You need to be -
  • Western Australian
  • Creatively minded. Whether that be as a seller, a store owner, a buyer or just a watcher. =)
Guidelines -
• You can post about anything, as long as it remains family orientated.
• For obvious reasons subjects about art and craft are preferred, but not essential.
• Ideas for posts include advice, markets, selling, online things, marketing, techniques, inspirations, trends, the next 'big' thing, artists, crafters, your work, boutiques, seasonal trends, fashion, TV, music, celebrities.... anything really!

Over the two week period we would love if you could do a minimum of 4 posts, but there is no maximum. :) We would like the first post to be an introduction, then you can post about whatever you'd like.

Please let us know whether you would be interested in participating and we can arrange a timeslot that suits you!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us!

Tuesday, June 23

Trash or Treasure?

Lauren/Osier here, back for another informative and interesting blog post (psht, who am I kidding...)

Today I went op-shopping, one of my favourite past-times. I'm lucky that the town where I op-shop, is generally a low socio-economic area, so shoppers arn't looking for the s
ame stuff I am at thrift-stores. They're looking for work/boring clothes, whereas I'm looking for vintage retro delights. I like to think I'm pretty good at finding the good stuff, I went looking for a cardigan today, and found three that were perfect. So I thought that I might share my tips with you.

1. Go to a low socio-economic background area and visit the thrift stores there. Subiaco, Fremantle and Dalkeith have already been stripped to the bone, so dont bother
going there.

2. Use these websites to find shops close to you or where you intend on heading. You'll note that I've only listed charity stores. This is because I only shop at charity stores, because feeling good about spending money on clothes is pretty rare.

salvos :: vinnies :: anglicare :: good sammys :: paraquad

3. ALWAYS try on shoes and go for a walk around the store in them. Dont buy them if you're thinking "oh, they'll stretch" because they wont (no matter how cute they are), they've already been worn. Or if they're really high heeled, or they rub, cause they'll give you blisters pretty quick.

4. The dress sections are always my favourite, and basically offer a whole outfit for under $10 most of the time. Make sure you try these on too, as not everything is going to flatter y

5. This goes without saying, but never buy socks, undies or pantihose/leggings from op-shops. Yuk.

6. If you're struggling to think what to wear something with, either dont buy it or find something in the store that will go with it, otherwise it will be chucked under the bed and forgotten.

7. ALWAYS take a car and your own bags, as many op-shops now have a "no-plastic bag" policy and often dont have anything to replace them. Juggling three pairs of shoes, a dress and a vintage typewriter on the bus home is just going to annoy you.

8. Take note of the price. I've had a couple of nasty surprises when I've gone to checkout and found that the cute jacket I thought was a cool bonus was actually THE most expensive second hand item in the history of the world.

9. This might sound gross, but smell the armpits/crotches of anything you've got your eye on. Chanc
es are that if it stinks, you're not going to be able to get rid of the smell, sorry.

10. Lastly, always wash things at home before you wear them.

Any questions or tips? I'd love to hear them! xoLauren

Monday, June 22

Open Studio - Tagny Duff

David Jo Bradley - Nine To Five

Worsley Alumina - Expressions Of Interest

Indigenous artists set to colour village
The walls of BHP Billiton Worsley Alumina's new accommodation village will get an injection of colour soon when work begins on an indigenous mural project.

Worsley Alumina is calling for expressions of interest for the creation of art works to decorate the main dining room at the village, which is housing non-local construction workers engaged on the company's A$2.5 billion expansion.

It is envisaged the art works will be created on large canvasses and will pay homage to local Indigenous people, land and culture as well as promote respect, harmony and a sharing of knowledge.

Several artists or teams may be commissioned to develop the collaborative art works, establishing a creative opportunity to share their skills and techniques while also educating village residents on indigenous culture and art.

Worsley Alumina general manager Julius Matthys said the project provided an ideal opportunity for cross-cultural exchange and would enhance the company's existing support for Indienous art and culture.

Worsley currently promotes indigenous art and culture in the South West region through its Worsley Alumina Acquisitive Award, which contributes artworks to the collection curated and managed by the City of Bunbury. Worsley also assists with local indigenous art workshops held annually in Bunbury and every second year in Collie and Boddington.

Mornington Village has been constructed, near the intersection of Mornington and Gastaldo roads, close to the Worsley refinery. When completed, it will have the capacity to house up to 1550 workers.

The expansion will increase Worsley Alumina's annual production capacity from 3.5 million tonnes per annum to 4.6 million tonnes per annum. The refinery near Collie is being expanded and updated, a new bauxite mining area is being developed near Boddington and Worsley's facilities at the Bunbury Port are being enhanced.

Artists interested in submitting an application for the BHP Billiton Worsley Alumina Indigenous Mural Project should contact Sarah Stanley on 9762 6021 or Sarah.Stanley@bhpbilliton.com for an information pack.

Applications close on July 24.

Thursday, June 18

Take me out to the Show

Hello, Lauren here.
Ok, so I'm no expert, but I've now done a significant amount of handmade markets (hmmm, about 5 I think) and have basically got the set-up I want now, just a few tweaks here and there to freshen it up now and then. Heres a pic of my display at the last market I went to, Perth Upmarket.

Things to note:
- Tablecloth that reaches all the way to the ground. Nothing looks worse than your handbag, tool box, extra stock, tissue box, food and rubbish bag all layed out for the world to see. Plus its usually a requirement from the people organising the market. I only wish I had gotten a no-crease one, as I have to iron and roll mine up before packing.
- Mirror. Essential if you have jewellery, acccessories, or anything people wear. Otherwise dont worry about it.
- Height displays. My sales literaly doubled when I added those displays, and they dont have to be expensive. I know people who have found great stuff at Ikea, but mine are an op-shop find; vintage spoon collection displays.
- Label Sign. This can be as simple as an A4 Word printout pinned to the front of your table, or as complex and big as a display board behind you. Mine works because the stand screws apart, and the frame is flat and sturdy.
- Pricing. Either swing tags from your local newsagent, or on the back of the item's display card, or whatever. Just make sure its obvious, as most customers would rather walk away than ask you "how much?".
- Interesting display items. Not essential, but I like them as I can place my expensive items on them. Ideas include jewellery boxes, cool twigs, boxes, vases, or necklace busts. You can make your own necklace bust really easily with this tutorial.
- Plus dont forget the stuff like a cash float, small bags for purchases, business cards or flyers, tissue box, food, water, scissors, tape and pins.

Anyone have anything to add? Comment away.

xo Lauren

p.s. have a read of these great etsy articles on prepping for a craft fair:
How To: Craft Fair
Craft Show on a Budget

Tuesday, June 16

Mustard Menagerie

Osier here, back for another guest blogging extravaganza!

Ok, so a few days ago I promised a look at a hot trend in handmade was soon to come. I'll have you know I dont dissapoint... heres a beautiful picture from The Sartorialist blog to get your heart racing...

Possibly the greatest colour combo I have ever seen. Grey, maroon, creamy white, and the trend-setter colour we'll be taking a squiz at today, Mustard Yellow.

Heres some great etsy finds, using the keyword 'mustard', with both handmade and vintage stirred in (I cant resist mustard AND vintage, its just too much!)

And of course, this would not be a Made On The Left blog post without featuring the mustardy goodness of WA etsy sellers!

Mustard Shroom Earrings
by Cocoa Pod
(your last awesome guest blogger)

Petite Bird's Nest Pendant

by Starry Designs
(the queen of bird's nest style jewellery)

Typewriter in Turner Yellow
by Tea for Bini
(her outdated technology series has my heart a-flutter)

Well, thats all for now, thanks for listening, I'll see you later on this week for my version of being prepared for a market...

xo Lauren

Monday, June 15

Boutique Market for theYork Jazz and Soul Festival!

Hosted in the proud historic town of York, the vintage atmosphere is the perfect setting to mix incredible music, with a boutique market, locally produced gourmet food, and the infectious buzz of happy people. The streets come alive with all that jazz.

This years Boutique Market will be featured in a public area along Joaquina St, between the Peace Park and Town Hall. The market is perfectly situated to capture the attention of patrons from the festival, while allowing public access to all residence and visitors of York.

The Boutique Market will feature 25 of WAs local designers, artists, creatives, and fare traders, for the two days of the York Jazz and Soul festival from October 24th& 25th, between 12-5pm.

Exhibiting at the York Jazz & Soul Fest Boutique Market:

$180 will secure your place for an amazing market weekend!
Included in your weekend exhibitors pass:
2 x weekend tickets for the York Jazz & Soul Festival valued over $300!!! So bring a friend, showcase your collection, and enjoy a wonderful weekend at a world class event.
3x3 m gazebo, 1 x table, 1 x chair, will be provided to all exhibitors.
Public liability insurance is covered for all participants.

All exhibitors:
All exhibitors must be available to participate for both Saturday and Sunday the market is running, October 24 & 25 between 12-5pm.
All exhibitors must arrange their own transportation and accommodation.
Exhibitors fee must be paid prior to the event to secure your place.

Send a brief description and photos of your work to Katrina Thomson katrina@oxfordstmarket.com.au


Don't forget - applications for our winter market close on June 20! See the press release for details and visit http://www.madeontheleft.com/markets.html to download an application.


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Sunday, June 14

well, how do you do?

Hooray, a new guest blogger to keep you all entertained for the next two weeks. My name is Lauren, a few of you may know my label Osier from the past few Made On The Left markets, but here is a bit more about me, I'm sure we'll get along swimmingly, especially if you talk back, commenting is easy!

This is me.
I do wear glasses, but not as big as this.
This is
just me being silly.

I study Architecture at the
University of Western Australia.

1.5 years down, 3.5 to go.

I also teach swimming.
To adults,
kiddies and little babies.
So much fun :)

Live music is one of my
greatest joys
apart from making things.
Little Red from Melbou
are one of my faves.

I also collect cacti and succulents,
and plant them up in vintage teacups,
and sell some in my vintage stores :
www.acornsvintage.etsy.com and
I've been collecting since I was about 7.

And last, but definitly not least,
is tea and coffee. At least 3 cups of each a day,
especially in these below zero nights
I've been having where I live. Brrr.

And that is me in a nutshell. I'll see you on Wednesday folks for a look at some hot trends in handmade!

xo Lauren

blog: www.osier.com.au

Friday, June 12

New Poster Design by Helena Tay

We are so excited to release the new poster design for the upcoming Made On The Left Market!!! We commissioned the amazing Helena Tay to create an illustration for the poster. Keep your eyes peeled, you'll start seeing it all over town! She's done a fantastic job, we are so pleased to support homegrown talent in any way we can.

But of course, we couldn't just release the information without asking her a little bit more about herself.

Your name –
Helena Tay

What inspired the illustration –
If you’ve seen my work you will know that trees play a large part in my drawings. So I was tinkering around the idea of dressing up my tree with larger than life tools used by artist and crafters. Things like needles, colourful thread, buttons, paint and pencils. I wanted to create something fun and humourous because that’s part of my style too.

By the way, that’s Toe the tree mouse flying in the air.

Links to you –
This is where I am mostly at. I’ve got a cubby house and some animal friends to party with. Come on over!

I blog about my art too:

And twitter a bit:

Why you want to be involved with Made On The Left –

I am a West Australian artist myself and I know how hard it is to get your art and name out there. I wanted people to know that there was a support team (MOTL) based in Perth, dedicated to promoting West Australian talents and if they were artists and crafters like the
rest of us then they should come over and join the network!

It’s also obvious that the west aussies are relatively quiet and timid in the arts scene compared to our friends over east. I would love to see the same kind of vibe and excitement happening in WA and I would love to see more arts and cultural events that would help showcase more West Australian talents.

I’m pretty excited about the coming Made On The Left market. I think we’ll be seeing a surge of west aussie talents!

The Studio

Heather Bailey's studio.

Well, this week I have been religiously cleaning up my studio as part of of my action plan. As I always do, I swear to myself that it will never get into that state again... but it always does! Like many others, I just can't do one project at a time, I need at least 3 to start with. Go figure.

I wonder if Heather Bailey's studio is always picture perfect? Is that some 'junk' I see stuffed underneath the chair? ;)

So, I thought I'd start a topic on ways to get a bit more in control of our 'creative clutter'. And in the future I'd like to do a bigger post with all our suggestions put together.

What is your motivation and inspiration to stay clean/organised? Any tips for us? Please leave a comment!


Thursday, June 11

Dalkeith Designer Market - Designer Callout


Students and parents at Dalkeith Primary School have taken last years’ very successful Fashion Garage Sale recycling project to another level to help the school’s P&C in its project to upgrade IT and ‘green’ the school.

The whole school is holding a Fashion Garage Sale on Sunday 28th June, selling the suburb’s pre-loved and never worn clothes. This year however they are joined by 16 designers and boutiques in a first ever Dalkeith Designer Market, where local designers are offering specials and clearance items for one day only!

The Dalkeith Fashion Garage Sale and Designer Market takes place on Sunday 28th June in the undercover area at Dalkeith Primary School, Circe Circle, Dalkeith, from 8 am – 2 pm.

There will also be a cake stall offering an array of homemade treats. Entry to the sale is by gold coin donation to the DPS P&C. Cards and Eftpos can be accepted. Enquiries can be directed to 0406 009 132.

Wednesday, June 10

Are you Western Australian?

Do you live in Western Australia?

Are you creative?

Have a blog?

Have a website?

Want us to add you to all of our links pages? For free?

Well, just let us know. Either comment here, or send us an e-mail. We want to showcase as many Western Australians as we can and we are always seeking new blogs to read!

pssst.... FORM sale!

As you probably already noticed from the massive amounts of posts today.... that everyone seems to be coming out of the woodwork this Winter. We have a huge range of events coming up, and want to be sure that you are the first to know about them. Our e-mail inbox is running hot... but be sure to let us know if you know anything else coming up we haven't already mentioned.

Anyway, we like to mix things up on the blog sometimes..... and we like to spend. So we thought we'd better let you know FORM has a huge sale on until the end of this month. Go and support local design!

Artsource Workshop - Getting Your Work Out There

Submit to the Clothespeg Project 3

Submit your artwork "prints" into The Clothespeg Project 3. Check out all the information at http://www.onetrickpony.com.au/clothespeg where you can also pick up the submission forms.

Exciting news for the third volume of Clothespeg... they are going on tour! The volume will open in August at The National Grid Gallery in Sydney and will then travel back to Perth for a show in October.

It only costs $20 to enter, and you can enter up to 5 A5 prints. Not only that but if you win you have the opportunity to be rewarded with a solo show in Perth or Sydney with the host venues of the exhibitions. How cool is that??

So.... what are you waiting for? Hop to it.

Applications Open - Perth Fashion Festival

Want to show off your wares at the upcoming Perth Fashion Festival? Well here is your chance. Please find the images below as the application form to apply for participation in the second annual WA Designer Collection #2 showcase.

For further information, or to have the forms & an additional information pack sent directly to you via e-mail contact teagan@perthfashionfestival.com.au.

Please note applications open to Jewellery/Accessory and Fashion designers only.

perth fashion festival

4-10 september 2009


Tuesday, June 9

Subiaco Craft Fair

While there is a prestigious Art Exhibition held each year at the WA Art Gallery, there are very few craft and design opportunities for young students to display their skills to the public. Excellent craft in the form of woodwork, ceramics, glass and fabric is produced in schools and Rotary would like to extend the Subiaco Craft Fair by providing a venue for students to display their craft and design talents. Please download the information at www.subiacocraftfair.org.au and circulate it to young people and schools and encouraged them to participate. Prizes will be awarded in each category and every student will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Rotary very much regrets that electronic registration for stallholders for the upcoming Subiaco Craft Fair (october) is still not available. We had hoped to have this ready some time ago but these are matters beyond our control. As soon as registrations open we will contact you via email if you are on the mailing list. You will then be able to access the Subiaco Craft Fair website, choose your stall from the site plan, and then pay for your stall either by credit card, direct debit, cheque or money order.

via Rotary mailing list

Girly Things That Go Bump In The Night - Holly Courtney

For more info about this exhibition check out the website.

City Of Wanneroo - seeking exhibition proposals

The City of Wanneroo are proud to announce that the first ever round of applications is open for exhibition proposals from artists, groups and curators for the new Wanneroo Exhibition Centre and we would especially like to see work by our local artists!

There are two spaces available, the Gallery space at 376m2 and a smaller space at 109m2. The Exhibition Centre will be a key component of the Wanneroo Cultural Centre which also includes the Wanneroo Regional Museum and Library. The building is due to open in August/September 2009 and the facility is expected to receive more than 1000 visitors per day.

Applications close on the 29th June 2009.

For information packs or queries feel free to contact -

Kristy Gough
T : 08 9405 5602
F : 08 9405 5697
E : kristy.gough@wanneroo.wa.gov.au

or Exhibitions Coordinator Envy Nguyen on 9405 5490

Applications Open - Distracted Market Day

Hello to you all,

Applications are now open for this year's DISTRACTED Little Market Day.

The 2009 event will take place on Sunday October 25, and will be held in their cosy carpark behind the shop.

So if you think you'd like to fill a stall with your wares, hop on the website and download a form.

Apply before July 30 and in August you'll find out if you have been successful


Why not make a little splurge on craft supplies today and support creative West Australians?! Nothing beats getting something in the mail. All the above supplies are from West Australian Etsy sellers.