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Monday, June 29

Hi There

Myself and my eldest daughter

Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm your guest blogger for the next couple of weeks. If I am to describe myself in a few words I would say I am an eclectic, stay at home Mum of two, artsy, creative, a perfectionist and a Christian who is a Pastor's wife. I love all things related to Africa, the 1950s and creativity. I probably lean more towards the 'art' side of the line than the 'craft' side.

Circus Collection Beads

I have been making and selling my polymer clay creations since December 2006, but consider myself more of a painter and illustrative designer. I have a special fondness for symmetry, pattern and design which I think is reflected in my work.

Polymer clay is, as the name implies, a pliable, polymer compound which is soft like plasticine when purchased but is baked hard after sculpting. It is light weight, non toxic and comes in nearly every colour in the spectrum.

In my on-line shop called Polyclarific I sell everything from jewellery to home-wares and beads. I hand make around 90% of the beads I use in my work and all of the pendants from scratch. The majority of my work is unique and unreapeatable.

Millefiori Style Pendant

Mica Shift Pendant

Before I had my daughters I did a degree in painting at Edith Cowan University but I found it difficult to continue to paint while my first daughter was so small so took up using polymer clay. Now that my second daughter is heading out of her first year and into her second, the painting urge is returning so I have been dabbling with the acrylics a bit more of late (below is my latest painting). I am planning on opening up a second online store on Etsy this year which will focus on selling prints of my illustrations and paintings.

I am looking forward to sharing a few things with you on here over the coming couple of weeks and hopefully you will enjoy reading them.

I also have a blog: http://blogs.oddsocks.net/ahunt/

and a flickr account;


Osier! said...

great to "meet" you Amanda, nice post :)

Tejae Floyde said...

Hey there, looking forward to your posts! Great picture!

Amanda said...

Thank you!