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MADE ON THE LEFT was founded in 2008 by independent designers to support Western Australian creative talent. We hold bi-annual handmade craft markets to showcase local designers.

Being on the left hand side of Australia no longer

means you'll be at a disadvantage.

Our aim is to support all creative designers and events showcasing independent labels. MOTL is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organisation. You may wonder why we promote other markets besides MOTL; it’s because it’s not about us, its about you; the buyers and sellers of indie wares. Here at the blog, you’ll discover up to date information about our latest market, the low-down on some of Perth’s emerging talents, other opportunities for artists and designers and a little bit of fun stuff too. It’s all right here… welcome!

Tuesday, May 12

Poster reveal for next market!

We are pleased and excited to reveal the artwork for the next Made on the Left market by the talented Sally Ridge Illustration.

Sally says, "For me, the loveliest part of Made on The Left is arriving home with a treasure or two in tow. I put on the kettle and enjoy a sweet treat from a Made On The Left seller and finding a home for my newly acquired goodies. The feeling of bringing a treasure home to the nest was my inspiration for the poster design.

I chose Sacred Kingfishers because they are such beautiful, native WA birds – my husband and I often see them in our garden. The composition is a bit of a nod to Audubon’s ‘Carolina Parakeet’ – he is my favourite artist and an Ornithologist who had such an astounding knack for capturing the beauty of birds.

You might also notice some wonderful work in the birds’ nest from some of my favourite retailers and market buddies Enid Twiglet, Little Sketchy and Charlie and James too!"

Thanks, Sally! We hope everyone likes it as much as we do.

If you'd like to apply for this market, we will be opening applications soon, so keep an eye out here and on our Facebook page.

Monday, May 11

Profile: Soft Constructions

We would like to introduce our new 'profiles blogger', Alira Callaghan. Alira has a strong interest in supporting local artists, designers and creatives and she will be bringing you articles on talented local creatives. The subject of her first profile is Seonaidh Murphy’s Soft Constructions.

What sort of things does Soft Constructions encompass? 
Soft Constructions is a Perth based illustration and design studio focused on creating unique, original and playful designs and products for their customers and clients. I use popular culture as inspiration and then utilise both hand worked and digital techniques (combined with a twist of humour) to create designs that can find themselves on any number of products.  There is a retail side to the business as well as a design side that is more focused on creating custom designs and products for clients such as menus, uniforms, logos etc.

I know you have a background in both art and design, what was it that attracted you to the textile side of design?I had always been involved in working with textiles.  Even at art school I did a lot of experimentation with textiles and sculpture.  I guess there is something about the tactility of it being able to be used to create 2d and 3d shapes.  I enjoy working between the two spheres of art and design because it gives me a creative outlet but I can still be business focused.

Can you briefly explain what is involved in your design process?
I do a bit of trend research and come up with some ideas.  Then I collect imagery and after that I start piecing together my designs.  From there I start incorporating puns and drawing them and painting them as I see fit.  Next I scan the design in and do any digital alterations and edits to it and it gets made into whichever product it needs to be.
Images courtesy of Soft Constructions

Does Soft Constructions offer you a creative outlet that is different to when you have done work in the fashion industry?
Definitely.  Soft Constructions allows me to utilize more of my skills and gives me the freedom to cross over into multiple disciplines.  I also get to indulge in my illustration skills, which is great!

A lot of your designs incorporate humour, have you always enjoyed the pun game or did that come through developing your practice?
I’ve always had a bit of a sense of humour.  Some people enjoy it and some people don’t, it wasn’t always very well received when I was in art school.  I feel like I have the ability to switch between serious and funny though and know the circumstances in which to use my comedic devices. 

What is your favourite aspect of your work for Soft Constructions
My favourite aspect is constantly growing the business into new and exciting places.  As I grow more opportunities come up and I really enjoy the challenge of being faced with new problems to solve.

Do you try to source your materials and services locally?
I try to source as much locally as I can and if I can’t source it locally I use Australian suppliers.  It can be hard but I seem to be able to make it work at the moment.

Images courtesy of Soft Constructions

How important has it been to the success of Soft Constructions to have support from the community and likeminded people?
It has been really important.  Being able to be inspired by the people around you gives you the strength to grow and flourish as a business.  I love being around people that are as excited as I am to make a difference and create unique and successful businesses.

What project/s are you currently working on?
I have lots of little things in the works.  I have a few custom products with local businesses that I’ll be able to let you in on soon.  I also have plans to grow the business into a very exciting place next year but I can’t say too much.

Where can we find your designs and products?
You can find our products at www.softconstructions.com and in:
Sugar and Nice, Inglewood        The Little Cheese Shop, Bayswater
Common Ground, Fremantle      Kakulas Sister, Fremantle
The Tenth State, Nedlands         Perth Upmarket

And soon to be in: 
Compendium, Fremantle       Addison and Steele, North Perth
Beehive, Fremantle

Alira Callaghan