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Monday, July 6

Crafting With Kids: Interview with Kate Henderson

1. Please introduce yourself
Hi my name is Kate Henderson. I live down in Bridgetown with my husband and three children. I have 4 year old twins and a one year old. I sell mainly soft toys, bags and hand dyed yarn, but have also sold clothes and hats.

2. Creativity and Kids is always an interesting combination, how do you find the time to do something so hands on while looking after them?
We have gone through phases when the children are happy playing on the floor around me or happy drawing and playing by themselves and then some weeks I can get nothing done during the day and have to do it all at night. The older two are in Kindergarten now so on two days a week when Evie is asleep I sew as fast as I can! Saturday mornings has become my time while everyone else in the house goes out for milkshakes.

3. Are there ways that you include your kids when you are making things?
It is getting much easier to involve the girls as they get older. They love playing with my fabric and all the scraps. They learnt from a very early age what they are allowed to touch and not touch (like scissors). I have big bags of buttons they like to sort through and beads they like to thread. They have started talking about wanting to learn to knit and sew.

4. Any tips for Mums (or Dads) out there who are wondering how to balance both kids and being involved in the hand-made industry?
I wish I did - it has been a learn as I go process. I am still trying to find the right balance. It is usually quite crazy around here, but I hope they grow up seeing that they can combine work and a hobby and their work can be something they really love doing.

5. Where can we find you on the net?
My blog is
I sell my toys and bags.
and my hand dyed yarn can be found here


helena said...

hello kate's kids! you look so sweet like mum!


Kate said...

Thanks Helena!
And thanks Amanda for doing the interview!