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Friday, August 28

Guest Blogger: Lotta

*Welcome* to Made on The Left, I will be your guest blogger for the next few weeks! Sit down, strap in and prepare yourself for one fun ride!
I am known to many as Lotta, aka princesslotta and I wear many hats…. mother, wifey, daughter, designer, crafter, employee, friend, volunteer and collector of all things shiny. (And not so shiny).
My day job with the government sees me working on shifts predominantly nights to allow me to be fulltime(ish) mum to my two awesome sons. You can read more about that stuff in my blog.
I came into the handmade world early 2008 when I discovered Etsy… a turning point in my creative life. I did papercrafts prior to that but longed for something more dimensional.
I now have two jewellery labels, one being Lotta (Steampunk and neo-Victorian inspired jewellery) and princesslotta (Jewellery for the everyday princess).
My life is hectic to say the least but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


A few random snippets…
  • I turned 30 this July gone, and spent it with friends at Sugar Blue Burlesque club. What a wonderful way to kick off my thirties!
  • I want to learn Burlesque. And live burlesque.
  • I am a sucker for glomesh, anodized aluminium kitchen stuff, keys, locks, old records, 50’s style fashion and furniture design, doilies and Doctor Who (mostly in David Tennant form thanks for asking).
  • I love op-shopping, council collection week and weekend markets
  • The smell of briny salty ocean air brings me to tears.
  • I want to grow old disgracefully.

Stay tuned for some more Lotta goodness!!!

www.lotta.com.au (under construction)

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Phillipa. said...

good on you Lotta, I love all the same stuff, Phillipa.