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Thursday, August 20

Living an authentic life or how did I get here?

(I have been working on this post ALL WEEK, editing, deleting, and generally pondering so bare with me. Been harder than an essay for Uni!)

I made this piece recently for a friend's 21st. She is half my age and yet I don't feel any different to when I was her age. It has got me thinking. I have been thinking more and more about living an authentic life. This is not a new expression, mind power facilitators and Christian leaders use it but I am talking about it from a purely creative point of view. What am I if I am not being creatively productive? If I don't have my work out there for sale?

So firstly how did I get where I am now? I started working with resin about 4 years ago when I was forced to give up working fulltime due to illness. Through the internet I began to read creative blogs. My very first was the gorgeous talented local girl Nicole of Craftapalooza and I have connected with many other local bloggers since(check the list on the right). Through this network of bloggers I have have made wonderful friendships and there is nothing like discovering new suppliers and getting all excited over shiny things with like minded souls, yes you Lotta!. I have found so many people willing to share their time and their expertise, thanks silversmithing guru Pam!

I went to a workshop with these girls run by the Art Gallery facilitated by David Walker. It was amazing, David took us through the exhibition and talked about his inspiration behind some of the pieces. We then went into the workroom where he asked us to explore various alternative materials like plastic, wood and paper. It really pushed us all to see our practice differently. The white piece is made from milk bottle plastic and a heat gun. I took inspiration from his work along to my latest casting class and created the piece in the picture. I find attending these kind of events so inspiring. A few months ago I went to a workshop run by Creepy, at Distracted. Again we were asked to step outside our normal practice and to explore, size, proportion and character. It was the first time in a very very long time that I had picked up a pen to draw.

So getting back to where I am now? Without an outside occupation what do I define myself as when the question is asked "what do you do?" Selling my work at half a dozen markets a year and a couple of exhibitions hardly qualifies as an authentic artistic path? I am not a jeweller even though I make jewellery. I am not an artist even though I can draw a picture. If I am not selling my work or actively pursuing my practice full time am I living authentically? My work doesn't cure cancer or end world hunger but it makes people smile, (actually it makes them laugh when the look at the Sumo pendant) and that has value. This is my last post as guest blogger, sorry I haven't been very good. I have had a killer cold. See you.

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