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Tuesday, September 8

Spotlight on GetFelt

When at markets, I must always resist the lure of other stallholder's shiny things, particularly when I am on helping out and have no float to tinker with!!!

Introducing GetFelt, the dynamic duo of Shan and Glenda whose mutual love of felting led them to setting up GetFelt and combining their talents to produce some lovely, elegant and downright cool silk and merino wool creations. Shan and Glenda operate their business from their respective homes, and use a method of felting known as wet-felting (I am green as green can be when it comes to felting but I loved learning about the process). With wet felting, the process can take several hours for something like a buttoned wrap, to days of start and stop felting for a piece like the cream jacket (modelled by a friendly shopper). Shrinkage is often up to 50%and needs to be taken into account when customising orders.

GetFelt's range included shawls, scarves, wraps, tops and jackets made with merino wool and silk, mixed fibres and threads in all colours of the rainbow. GetFelt will be showcasing their design's at the upcoming Subiaco Craft Fair and monthly at the Kalamunda markets. Thankyou Shan for sharing your passions!

Shan and Glenda can be contacted via email: getfelt@hotmail.com

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josie cohen said...

Their stuff is amazing. Every piece is good you just want it all.