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Saturday, June 12

So You've never had a Stall Before - Friday Hint

Yay, so glad it's Friday!

Fridays Hint:
Label Me. Go On.
Two things that are really important and are the basic starting point for advertising your "label/brand" and ensuring that people who dont want to buy on th eday can find you later, either though a google search or email.
1. Business cards/postcards with your business details on them/etc. Even a half A4 design photocopied in black and white is an ok start. Just get something on the table that people can take away.
2. Your business/label sign. Even if it is as simple as an A4 printout pinned to the front of your table, but you can really go all out with this one, as it's a really important tool in telling people about your brand; what the style is, is it cute and quirky, or serious and refined? Make your business sign tell the story. I made my OSIER sign out of fabric, craft letters and a vintage frame (yes, I do have an unhealthy obsession with vintage frames), but you can sew, paint, graphic design, or professionally print yours, it's up to you. The front of your table is an ok place to put it, but I recommend eye height. I keep mine behind my table on the end of an old screw apart (so easy to transport) room lamp stand.


Mel said...

I've been enjoying reading your articles about how to set up for a market stall. Lots of great ideas. I've only ever done a couple of local markets and my table set-up was pretty poor! I'm aiming to make a big improvement for MOTL in July, so I will be sure to take on board your advice!
xox Mel (melpdesigns)

Samantha Hughes said...

Thanks for all the handy hints!

A cheap option for promo cards is to get them printed as photos - online stores like snapfish can be quite cheap - and you can have as many different designs as you like.

Sweet said...

I find a stamp does a good job too.

I paid $12 at a paper supply store for a simple rubber stamp listing my details and I stamp it on everything using different coloured inks too.

It's a very versatile (and cheap) piece of PR kit.

petrafanella said...

These posts have been great!! I use MOO for my cards and this week I have got my banner and two tablecloths, so feel like I am getting organised. I have only ever had joint stalls, only about twice in my life so am a bit nervous about my first solo one. The height tip is great though... creating a 3D visual. Better get my thinking cap on...