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MADE ON THE LEFT was founded in 2008 by independent designers to support Western Australian creative talent. We hold bi-annual handmade craft markets to showcase local designers.

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Our aim is to support all creative designers and events showcasing independent labels. MOTL is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organisation. You may wonder why we promote other markets besides MOTL; it’s because it’s not about us, its about you; the buyers and sellers of indie wares. Here at the blog, you’ll discover up to date information about our latest market, the low-down on some of Perth’s emerging talents, other opportunities for artists and designers and a little bit of fun stuff too. It’s all right here… welcome!

Sunday, June 6

So You've never had a Stall Before?

Hi Folks,

Well it's that time again, when we bring out the trusty old favourite; the How To Set Up Your Stall post.
With pretty much the most new stallholders we've had since our first market way back in June 08, we figure you freshers might need a little bit of a hand, and seeing as we live to launch Perth's newest creatives, we thought we could be the ones to do it.

Its quite a feat to have a "finished" stall setup, everyone I know or see both here in Perth and elsewhere around the globe are continiually tweaking, adding and refining their stall setups and displays... we can always see room for improvement. So if you're a veteran, read ahead, you might find something to help you out!

Now we're going to stick with the basic trestle-table setup for these daily posts, as thats what we have at Made on the Left. Some of the more elaborate, larger markets can end up with stalls that look like mini retail stores, and require a lot of effort and imagination, not to mention set-up and pack-up time!

If you're just starting out, this week I'll be posting one top tip a day right through until Saturday, so make sure you come back here or add us to your blog reader to get the rest of the hints!

Sunday's Hint:

Clean, white, ironed tablecloth.

Some people love the look of black, but it's a lot harder to keep clean and most peoples products dont "pop" enough out from a dark background, and with our notorious Made on the Left lighting (yes, I can hear some of you sniggering), its best to keep your displays light coloured. Also notice I stated that your table cloth needs to be CLEAN and IRONED. Its actually best if you can get a tablecloth that doesnt need ironing, as it saves a LOT of work and effort (its really hard to keep it crease-free from your house, into your market gear, and then out onto the trestle-table). There is nothing more off-putting than a hairy, stained, wrinkly tablecloth touching jewellery that you might be putting in your ears or around your neck.
Except maybe if its smelley too boot.

Added bonus points if the tablecloth is floor length on three sides so you have a hidey spot for all your gear during the market under your table.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for our Monday Hint, and please comment us with any questions at the end of this post, or you can email lauren[at]madeontheleft[dot]com if you're shy :).

Alternatively, you can let us know one of YOUR top hints that might be useful to newbie (or veteran!) sellers.
Check out previous posts on stock levels and what-to-brings HERE.

xo Lauren &
The Team

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