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Sunday, May 12

Re-Love Project Update 4

We've been working hard on our desk for the Feast Watson Re-love Project.

We applied the Feast Watson Sanding Sealer and then after it had dried, sanded it back. The wood was then so smooth! A great surface to start work on. Our idea was to have a nautical theme with a sailing ship on one desk lid and a whale on the other. The waves would go across the bottom of both desks. We started off by drawing the designs in pencil directly onto the desk lid.

We then started painting. We needed to keep a steady hand as we would not be able to cover up any mistakes. The paint we used was a new Feast Watson product to create a crackle effect. If you want a crackle effect, you paint over a layer of the crackle lacquer but it can be used as a normal paint as well and comes in a range of pastel colours. We also selected a Dulux Minted Gold metallic colour for something a bit special.

We ended up changing our minds about the whale and ship and went with a rainbow instead. Surprise! We kept the waves though as they were looking good.

Next we added a bottom to the inkwells so they could be used as pencil holders and painted the insides black. And now for the varnishing - as soon as we applied the varnish, the wood looked amazing! We used Feast Watson Satinproof varnish.

We are really happy with the desk lid and love how the varnish has brought out the warmth of the wood. We did a few coats so it would protect it.

On the inside of the desk lid, we wanted to have a chalkboard surface in the shape of a cloud and here it is, freshly applied (and still wet!). We did a few coats in Dulux Chalkboard paint and left it to harden.

Now we just have to attach the lid to the desk body and it will be done!

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