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Thursday, June 4

Long trip provides inspiration for Sarah

A trip through freezing Russian countryside on the Trans-Mongolian railway gave young Joondanna artist Sarah Long, 25, the inspiration for her new solo exhibition Tuda i Abratna (Russian for ‘round trip’), on show at Behind the Monkey, Highgate from June 15 to 29, 2009.

Drawing on the theme of leaving home to travel overseas and the characters encountered along the way, Long has created a whimsical narrative, featuring characters such as an elephant and a pumpkin stalk who have ventured abroad…and into very unfamiliar territory.  Pencil and ink drawings, acrylic paint and computer graphics combine to tell the story of the characters and how their paths cross on their individual journeys.

“When you travel, you open yourself up to different possibilities and ways of living, crossing paths with people that you would never encounter in your everyday existence,” says Long.

“You are also bombarded with new experiences – and what might seem a terrifying encounter to one person might be invigorating to another.  I believe that exhibition-goers will read these images in different ways according to their own experience.” 

Long is no stranger to diverse experiences, combining her art practice with a career as an Associate Genetic Counsellor at one of Perth’s major hospitals.  Her role involves assisting people to understand complex medical information using a combination of scientific knowledge and counselling skills.

“I adore my day job and am currently working towards full accreditation as a Genetic Counsellor,” Long explains. “I also love creating my art and find it a great balance to study.”

“My ambition is to publish picture books aimed at both children and adults, while continuing to progress in my career as a Genetic Counsellor.”

Tuda i Abratna will be on show at Behind the Monkey Highgate from June 15 to 29, 2009. Visitors to the Beaufort Street shop and gallery will also enjoy a themed window display created by Long to accompany the exhibition.

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