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Monday, March 11

Elizabeth Marruffo is an artist of Mexican and English heritage whose work uses traditional painting and crafting techniques to explore the lived experience of loss and displacement. Her work draws upon an elaborate collection of personal symbols, icons and totems to create tender and haunting narratives. In her most recent exhibition, Marruffo pulls focus on one of her most persistent totems.

Pup Pup is the Boss of the Stars sees the artist present a large installation that pays tribute to the dogs of our childhood.
"Mexican street dogs have been important in my life and also important subjects in my arts practice. The dog from my childhood was named Corazon, she had a black love heart shaped patch on the side of her body. Corazon means 'heart' in Spanish. She was the puppy of Twotwo, a street dog that my parents found and nearly ran over on a dirt road in Mexico.
I think that if you had a dog in your childhood, they often contribute really significantly to your earliest memories and they act as a kind of witness to the events that happen in your childhood. They contribute so much to your personal and spiritual development and are a way we can learn about love, nurturing and responsibility. Significantly, they are also often the first love of our life that dies."
Marruffo will be recreating the Canis Major constellation with hundreds of tiny needle felted dogs. Each one, suspended within a silver wire star, representing a childhood pet. These lovingly hand fashioned objects are each being sculpted from the photos and stories of contributors. Personal memories, loves and lives, being resurrected and celebrated.

People are invited to contribute their own stories and commission a sculpture on the artist's Pozible campaign.

Exhibitor: Elizabeth Marruffo
Exhibition title: Pup Pup is the Boss of the Stars
Dates:  31st May - 2nd June
Opening night: Friday, 31st of May
Address: Free Range Gallery, 339 Wellington St, Perth

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